Help provide a better quality of life for rural Texans

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$75 towards $10,000

Currently, CTRA gives over 500,000 Texans access to recycling and our service area covers over 43,000 sq. miles. That's almost the size of the state of Louisiana! We are so proud to provide an essential service to so many, yet we often struggle with funding to cover our travel and outreach expenses.

If you are located outside of a metropolitan area in Texas, chances are, you may not have access to recycling services. Rural communities are constrained by small tax bases, limited infrastructure for collection of recyclable materials, long distances to processors and/or end markets and very limited start-up funds. In short, it's not as easy a putting a recycling cart on the curb for these unique communities. For the past 20 years CTRA has helped these areas design and implement cost-effective programs tailor fit for their area. CTRA assists in grant writing to help fund the development of the programs, contracts with the vendors that will pick up and pay the communities for their recyclables and provides education and outreach to the public, schools, businesses etc. CTRA's assistance with these communities has a positive effect on the quality of life, and typically ignites additional services, formation of additional environmental services and civic organizations.